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Reinforced Concrete in CrawleyEnduring Strength From the Experienced Foundation Installers

Foundations are key to the success of building projects the world over. Even Venice, built on a swamp in the 5th Century, required piled foundations made from petrified wood to stand for so long. While techniques have developed greatly in the centuries since, the main conceit remains the same – to support the load above in a way that considers the soil below. At P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd in Crawley, we employ the latest techniques to suit the conditions of the ground. This ensures your upcoming build receives reliable support from the expert foundation installers.

Whether you need bulk excavation, drainage installation or foundations made from reinforced concrete, we are ready to help. Read on to learn more about the foundations we lay, or simply call up at a time that’s convenient for you.

Raft or Mat Foundations – Sometimes referred to as raft footings, this type of support falls under the ‘shallow’ class of foundations as opposed to the ‘deep’ foundations you see in piling. Our foundation installers lay concrete slabs in a particular thickness when undertaking groundworks, usually of 150 or 300 millimetres. These slabs can cover the entire surface area, allowing the building to ‘float’ like a raft on the sea.

We may apply raft foundations for domestic builds and where strip foundations prove unsuitable. Our team undertakes bulk excavation to the depth required and also performs drainage installation for projects in Crawley and the surrounding areas.

Strip Foundations – Also known as strip footings, these foundations deliver a level or stepped strip beneath a load-bearing wall. Suitable for most subsoils in the local region, they suit domestic properties and some commercial spaces. Reinforced concrete may also be needed in the groundworks process, helping to increase the tensile strength of the foundations. Foundation installers will lay strip footings to transmit the load at a 45-degree angle from the wall into the surrounding earth.

Piled Foundations – Known as a deep foundation, piled installations take the form of long columns made either of steel or reinforced concrete. These transfer the weight of the structure above far below ground, passing through weak or corrosive soils into the strata underneath. Although generally used for larger structures, foundation installers may also use them for hard-access areas around the Crawley area.

Piled foundations can either be precast or cast-in-situ based on the project requirements. Known locally for groundworks, bulk excavation and drainage installation to create a water-free environment, we provide the best foundations for your upcoming build.

What Would Happen Without the Right Foundations?

Although they go unnoticed, foundations are vital for the stability of every structure above ground level. Without the proper load-bearing support, your building in Crawley or West Sussex would just sink into the dirt. The wrong style of foundation for the soil type might also cause problems, leading to ground-heave issues and subsidence. It might also lead to unsightly cracks that span the length of the wall or cause the property to list uncontrollably to one side.

Using proven methods and reinforced concrete, P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd is on hand to deliver the foundations you need. We aid from planning to the damp-proof course, giving regular updates and managing a secure site for assured safety.

Dial 01293 409224 or 07340 791142 for reinforced concrete and more from Crawley’s experienced foundation installers.