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Groundworks in Haywards Heath, Storrington,
Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex and the South of England

Groundworks are essential for construction projects all over the UK. Without the right approach in this early stage, the build could suffer major problems. Few understand this quite like P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd. Situated in Crawley, we perform earthworks for domestic and commercial clients across Horsham, Storrington, Haywards Heath and the neighbouring regions. Our team undertakes these services while maintaining a neat, efficient work site that fully complies with health and safety legislation.

We know that building work can’t begin without the necessary excavation, drainage installation or foundations. For this reason, we apply over 50 years of shared experience to ensure a smooth experience, cutting out the needless delays.

A family-run business, we are delighted to assist clients from all walks of life. Get in touch to learn about our additional services, or to arrange for a survey and free quotation.


Groundworks | An Overview of Our High-Quality Services

Ground-related issues can impact every facet of the job. This makes finding the right team a vital part of the creative process. Why not choose someone with decades of experience in groundworks and construction site management? At P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd, we have a history of success, delivering all work with a satisfaction guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Foundations – Soil conditions can vary between locations, and you won’t know the best solution without the necessary preparation work. Our team in Crawley undertakes this for you, offering everything from raft and strip to piled installations. As a result, we can provide the exact foundation to keep your property in Horsham, Storrington, Haywards Heath or the nearby areas stable throughout the years.

Drainage Installation – Groundworks involve more than just shifting the earth around. Homes and businesses also need working drains that prevent waterlogging, and problems could cause standing water or block the sewers. We install deep and shallow drainage systems, can relocate man holes, and set up foul and surface water drainage for a dry space in the longer term.

Excavation – Every project must first start with a clear environment. To that end, our team performs land clearance and preparation work, removing the topsoil and taking the debris and other waste for a cleaner work site. From there, we excavate to the depth needed, whether it’s for a house extension job or larger, commercial project.

Retaining Walls – Built to keep the soil in place without spilling into the sectioned-off area, each retaining wall must deliver strength, reliability and survive harsh conditions. Skilled in all aspects of groundworks, we can build levels of elevation for engineered landscapes that support the client’s creative ambitions.

Piling – Unlike raft and mat foundations, piling supports the structure above by pushing through unstable soils to the strata underneath. Our groundworks team uses special piling machinery to reach tight-access areas, before forcing concrete piles into the ground. Piling is a common practice across Crawley, Horsham, Storrington and Haywards Heath, especially with soils of a high silt or clay content.

Basements – Most often found in the US, basements are now becoming more popular in the UK because of the space they provide. Here at P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd, we can excavate as deep as required to create the basement you need, either for your home or commercial premises. We also apply the damp-proof course, which defends the interior from penetrating moisture.

Concreting – One of the preferred building materials today is reinforced concrete. As skilled groundwork contractors, we work with concrete on a regular basis to form hardstanding areas, foundations, car parks and more. Our team takes care throughout the process, delivering results that remain firm for decades to come.

Please dial 01293 409224 or 07340 791142 for groundworks you can trust in Crawley, Horsham, Storrington, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.