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The Importance of Drainage Installation – What Can Go Wrong?

Drainage may not sound glamorous, but it is a crucial part of construction. Without it, your environment may become bogged down in the wetter months or you may suffer financial woes as things spiral out of control. This is where P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd can help. We perform drainage installation as part of a range of services which extend from bulk excavation to laying reinforced concrete. Situated in Crawley, our foundation installers are perfectly positioned to correct drainage issues below ground for clients across Horsham.

On this page, we consider the issues that may arise from less-than-stellar drainage work. Our team specialises in new drainage installations to prevent them in the first place, but can also deliver remedial repairs at a competitive price.

Excess Moisture – Foundation installers and those specialising in groundworks must provide the right foundation for the project, but without efficient drainage, the soil around the property can still grow excessively wet. Clays will naturally expand when they absorb water, and will then contract when they begin to dry. As you may expect, this can cause havoc with the foundations. Signs to watch out for include a consistently wet environment underfoot or rising damp in your Horsham property.

Whether you have moisture issues, or would like to discuss anything from reinforced concrete to bulk excavation, we will be happy to take your call.

Subsidence and Settlement – Sometimes cause by the aforementioned shrinking clay, the washing away of soil, or the wrong foundation type, subsidence continues to affect homes and businesses across the UK. Settlement, however, comes when the ground suffers from compaction. If you notice cracks in the property 15mm wide or more, then you may need to call in a reliable groundworks team with experience as foundation installers.

Although not necessary caused by poor drainage installation, settlement can be exacerbated by such a problem. In essence, the drainage system helps to maintain the soil around your building in Horsham or the surrounding regions.

Ground Heave – Acting as subsidence in reverse, ground heave occurs when the ground beneath the foundations travel upwards. This can force the foundations and walls to shift accordingly. Most commonly the result of too much water in the earth, ground heave can easily happen when a home or business lacks the proper drainage installation. For this reason, it’s wise to choose a groundworks team with experience in all aspects – from pipe fitting, repairs and manhole relocation to bulk excavation and the application of reinforced concrete.

Should you have questions regarding subsidence, ground heave or excess moisture, our foundation installers and groundwork contractors will be happy to answer them.

What Are the Results of Poor Drainage Installation?

Subsidence and other issues tend to happen slowly, so you might shrug it off as a minor inconvenience. This would be a mistake, however, as leaving drainage problems to fester will only cost more in the long run. Potential issues that may impact your property in the Horsham area include:

To give your project in Horsham quality drainage installation from a reliable team of foundation installers, call now on 01293 409224 or 07340 791142.