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The Applications of Reinforced Concrete

Made by combining poured concrete with a metal frame, reinforced concrete essential for building projects across the Storrington area. Famed for its durability, resistance to fire as well as its versatile nature, it also plays an important role in groundworks. As such, foundation installers use it to lend unwavering support to new builds. Much like bulk excavations and drainage installation, reinforced concrete is now considered vital to the success of groundwork projects all over the UK.

Below, we look at some of its most popular uses, which include:

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In Traditional Buildings

Lived-in structure need trusted foundation installers to provide load-bearing support. Reinforced concrete forms slabs and beams that cover large areas underneath, especially for commercial builds around Storrington that can’t include columns in their design. Concrete structures with reinforced steel can also be adapted into offices or flats, and reinforced concrete also proves ideal for local factories.

Within Roads

A road or highway may support thousands of cars each day, plus HGVs filled with building materials, and must survive abnormally heavy loads without cracking. Serving the Storrington area, P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd lays reinforced concrete for local car parks and more besides. We also take care of the drainage installation and offer a full groundworks service including bulk excavation.


Used in nearly all foundation types including piles, reinforced concrete is a mainstay of foundation installers across Storrington and beyond. It takes the form of both cast-in-situ and precast piles, and lends enduring support to large commercial builds and bridges alike. Invented in the 19th Century, concrete with a reinforced frame is now the most popular means of supporting a building at ground level.

Marine Construction

Reinforced concrete is commonly used for marine structures like lighthouses, quay walls, wharfs and more where corrosion may occur. Some concretes can resist these powerful forces, helping to defend structures from collapse. Other uses include floating docks and caissons.Our groundwork contractors and foundation installers know the importance of keeping the water out. Whether it’s a patio or challenging commercial build, we carry out the drainage installation for a dry space long into the future. We manage all groundworks for you, from bulk excavation right up to the damp-proof course.

For Building Bridges

Bridges now tend to include reinforced concrete instead of traditional steel. This is because the material can suit small, medium and long bridges alike – all without exceeding the project’s budget. With modern techniques, the application achieves the desired strength level necessary to support structures across Storrington and the neighbouring areas.

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In addition to working as foundation installers, with a talent for shallow raft support and deep driven piles, we lay driveways and patios using the industry’s most sought-after materials.

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