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Reinforced Concrete in Surrey
Our Foundation Installers Explain the Advantages of Concrete

Are you interested in the benefits of using concrete? An ancient building material pioneered by the Romans, concrete has become an essential part of construction projects across the world. Here at P. Nugent Groundworks Ltd, our foundation installers work with reinforced concrete to build impressive buildings that stand the test of time. From drainage installations to bulk excavations, we offer a wide selection of services for clients across the Surrey area.

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With so many possible uses, there is a reason why concrete has become so universally popular. On this page, we will describe three clear advantages of using this building material. These include:

Exceptional Durability

The hardiness of concrete is one of its main selling points. Ideal for disaster-prone areas, it can even survive hurricane-force winds and extensive flooding. As it does not rot like timber or rust like iron, there is no risk of the material eroding or disintegrating at an accelerated rate. You can therefore expect it to outlast most of the other materials that make up your home.

Our foundation installers are experts at working with reinforced concrete and we also offer bulk excavations, drainage installations and other groundworks in the Surrey area.

Fire Resistance

Looking for a safe, reliable material to build your new home with? Concrete is famously fire-proof, making it a great choice for all types of building projects. A timber-framed building will typically collapse when on fire, leading to greater devastation. A building constructed from concrete blocks, on the other hand, will stand tall even after all other materials have been destroyed.

Energy Efficiency 

Is your home losing heat in the winter? Concrete buildings are renowned for their energy efficiency, meaning that they stay cooler during the summer and warmer in the colder months. This is a huge benefit, as it means that your energy bills will be lower, saving you money.

We cover all groundworks processes for your new development in Surrey. Our foundation installers take care of the bulk excavation, the drainage installation and the reinforced concrete foundations. 

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